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The UX Day Team would like to thank our sponsors for sponsoring the 2015 UX Day. We had an outstanding turnout this year. UX Day 2015 would not have been the same without their support in providing this wonderful opportunity for networking‚ collaboration‚ and enjoyment. Thank you!

Monterey Technologies








Best Paper Competition Finalists

A Comparison of Near-Field Gestureand Mouse-Based Input Harris D.J. McIntyre T. Jones K.S. Abstract
Effect of Control-Display Gain Transfer Function on Pointing Performance for a Hand/Finger-Based Touchless Gestural Controls: A Preliminary Investigation Riyal R. Patel A.D. Murugesan T. Turini G. Young J.G. Abstract
Ambient Temperature Effects on User Thermal Sensation With a Simulated Tablet Computer Zhang H. Hedge A. Abstract
Can VoiceScapes Assist in Menu Navigation? Werner S. Hauck C. Roome N. Hoover C. Choates D. Abstract



Submitted Papers: Input and Output

[1] Enabling Graduate School Decision Making Through User-Centered Redesign of Program Web Site Jahn M. Cox P. Du W. Vorvoreanu M. Abstract
[2] All Signals Go: Investigating How Individual Differences and Training Affect Performance on a Medical Diagnosis Task Designed to Parallel a Signals Intelligence Analyst Task Welk A.K. Mayhorn C.C. Abstract
[3] Capturing Performance in Cyber Human Supervisory Control køb cialis uden recept Mancuso V.F. Funke G.J. Strang A.J. Eckold M.B. Abstract
[4] The Human Factors of Cyber Network Defense Gutzwiller R.S. Fugate S. Sawyer B.D. Hancock P.A. Abstract



Submitted Papers: Mobile Software

Developing a Smartphone Application for the Life Enhancement Treatment for Substance Use (LETS ACT): Designing for Motivation and Feedback Matalenas L.A. McLaughlin A.C. Chen Y. Daughters S.B. Abstract
Exploring Medical Device Interface Design: A Case Study of an Accu-Chek Glucose-Monitoring System Resnick M.L. Wang R. Abstract
Multitasking Increases Stress and Insecure Behavior on Mobile Devices Liu Q. McLaughlin A.C. Watson B. Enck W. Davis A. Abstract
Toward a Framework for Human Factors in Underwater Robotics Wu X. Stuck R.E. Rekleitis I. Beer J.M. Abstract



Submitted Papers: Application Domains

Intuitive Voting: A Case Study in Rapid Research and Prototype Design Tannen R. Abstract
The Shopping Mall of the Customer Experience Future Resnick M.L. Abstract
Exploring Expert and Novice Mental Models of Phishing Zielinska O.A> Welk A.K. Mayhorn C.B. Murphy-Hill E. Abstract
Interdisciplinary Team Collaboration Between Software Engineers and Technical Communicators Zhang W. Pastel R. Abstract
Design and Evaluation of Designer Feedback System in Design for Manufacturability Baranawal P. Dorneich M.C. Peters F. Frank M.C. Abstract