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Faith McCreary

UX Day Keynote Speaker

   Faith McCreary is a Principal Engineer in User Experience for the Internet of Things Group at Intel Corporation. She is a creative strategic user researcher and designer with a history of successfully collaborating with a diverse set of Intel businesses to transform their user experiences based on user needs while simultaneously getting concrete business results. She have worked with and studied a wide range of audiences including rocket scientists physicians teachers elementary school students financial experts software engineers and facility managers. Currently she is researching and defining transformational experiences in smart buildings and industrial settings. She excels at combining the thick data outputs of traditional user experience research with the big data by-products of smart technologies to identify areas of innovation. Faith completed her Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and has a Master’s in Applied Mathematics from Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute.

   Abstract - The Internet of Things (IOT) is rapidly becoming the Internet of Everything. Smart things are becoming increasingly pervasive and invasive in our daily lives. Everything from glasses to light bulbs to cars to the very walls around us can communicate with us and connect to the Internet. Sensor technologies and analytics make possible new innovative services but also facilitate an unprecedented visibility into the mundane and not so mundane activities of our daily lives. Even the most intimate acts of our daily lives May cast data shadows visible to both service providers and those around us. Users are becoming increasingly aware of the potentially sensitive nature of the data being collected and privacy is emerging as a key area of concern to them. Addressing potential privacy concerns will be critical to making IOT mainstream but designing for privacy is not simple. Privacy means different things to different users and privacy preferences highly contextual with the information that you May be willing to share in one social context dramatically different from what you are willing to in another. Further the ubiquitous nature of smart technologies means that we must design not only for the privacy of the direct user but also of those around them. Today I will discuss how UX design can help create privacy-mindful experiences and create the innovative IOT experiences that people want.

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